If we were one of the GIRLS… – Hannah Horvath

HBO’s Girls is THE TV show we love to love at the moment. Lena Dunham, the big hero behind the story and production represents our generation’s lifestyle, worries and dreams like nobody else. We watch and we feel ‘Why didn’t I make a show like this?’. The key is turning simplicity into entertainment by recognizing  the awkward moments of our daily lives and laughing them off. That’s not easy. Is there one writer who has not tried to recreate mid-20s’ struggles in a realistic, yet entertaining way? That’s why Lena Dunham is very worth looking up to.



Although her character, Hannah Horvath, has not been showing off a very flattering style (but hey, that’s the whole point!), a styling guide excluding her wouldn’t be fun. Here’s a Hannah Horvath outfit idea for a good day. Picture her succeeding as a writer, meeting her hot new boyfriend for lunch. The show doesn’t focus on happy endings, so that may never happen. I train your brain for free, though. Focus on Hannah repping the below – it works, right? 😉


Bitching Junkfood fishnet top
€70 – asos.com

J Brand denim jacket
€355 – nelly.com

Miss Selfridge floral skirt
€45 – missselfridge.com

Madden Girl lace boots
€45 – dsw.com

Canvas tote bag
€7,52 – etsy.com