Step-by-step guide to (accidental) fashionably grey hair

Being allergic to PPD, I have an amusing history of hair disasters. Not too long ago, parts of my hair turned grey. At first I thought I was an alien and felt sorry for myself. After Kate Moss’ dry shampoo accident that everyone confused for grey hair dye, a new trend conquered the streets of London.

Here’s how my lengths ended up with grey bits:
1. While dark blonde use sun-in on parts you want to turn grey or back then, turn blonder.
2. Bleach your hair.
3. Dye your hair brown.
4. Use brown henna on your hair to maintain the brown.
5. Dye your hair back blonde – and voila!

Tips: be patient since you don’t want to put all those colours on at once. It took me over one year.

Of course, for quicker results just bleach the bits you’d like to have grey. And put grey hair dye on them.

Let me know how you get on! Good luck!