3. Karen Mulder

I track my knowledge of this beauty down to researching a Yogurette commercial (watch it here). Then, a Guess advert. All Guess models have a young seductive look about them, no doubt. But Karen brought some elegance to the table, the Lana Del Rey way. The Dutch model is nowadays frequently associated with a troubled personality. It’s important to note that some of the stories she didn’t shy away from telling us are indeed true (e.g. Elite’s former boss Gerald Marie). She went through a lot if you take all of what happened into account. Nevertheless she honestly is one of my favourite models ever.This is only encouraged by the fact that I LOVE slightly square faces. Here’s some 90’s Karen:



(images: pinterest.com)

And guess what?! … You can even watch her own make-up tutorial (just turn the sound off if you don’t speak Russian): A Daytime Look and a Nighttime Look.