90’s babes. 1. Bridget Hall

I’ve decided to devote the next posts (will vary due to being busy with exams) to a different favourite 90s babe of mine. That is because a) women were natural bombshells without much photoshop work, and b) i love the undone looking hair and the 90’s lip make-up of that decade. These women’s looks are incredibly inspirational and can easily be copied in order to be trendy today. Depending on what stands out in a particular model, I will outline some suggestions of how the look can be applied today in regards to either make-up, fashion or hair. My first post will be devoted to Bridget Hall. If you have any suggestions of who you would like to read about, let me know!

Bridget Hall
In a period where Ralph Lauren’s Polo line was extremely popular, Bridget Hall would never have gone unnoticed. Besides, she was on Forbes highest paid models list along with Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford and appeared on various fashion magazine covers including Vogue.
I spot naturally blow-dried hair, thinly applied foundation, minimal eye make-up and a brown – toned / nude lip. It is rare that blondes with brown eyes go for nude eyes. With emphasis on the lip and a healthy looking tan (fake it with bronzer if it’s as rainy as in England) this could work for you, too. I think it looks especially beautiful on Bridget due to her, what I refer to as Bambi eyes. Other good examples of “love me” eyes are Winona Ryder and Audrey Hepburn. Make sure that your lip liner is no more than two shades darker than the colour of your lipstick. Avoid lip glosses and highlighters. For the healthy glow I suggest minimal powder. However, an entirely matt finish was more common in the 90s (apart from the Ralph Lauren Sports photo which aims to represent a post-exercise image).