EDUN S/S 2012 campaign “Beautiful Rebels”

Ali Hewson’s and Bono’s clothing label EDUN has launched a campaign for their Spring/Summer collection 2012. My thoughts: Beautiful! And original (like most other things involving Miss Charlotte Free). With EDUN being an eco-friendly label, there couldn’t be anyone more appropriate than Ryan McGinley to create realistic seeming scenarios in which humans are at perfect ease with all other beings – and are indeed under the same category as animals. Who’s in it? Dempsey Stewart, Herieth Paul, Charlotte Free, Ehren Dorsey, Bradley Soileau and African butterflies. Why? According to Ryan McGinley in Nowness, both us humans and butterflies “are all on a long journey where we encounter endless turns, shifts, and conditions that cause us to change.” Isn’t that a brilliant metaphor?