Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe

Solch ein Engel.

An icon I always pictured as the luckiest woman until a pop art portraits exhibition at the Staatsgallerie Stuttgart back in 2008 where I have found out about all the tragedy behind her infinite career from an exhibition guide soothing the confusion caused by crosses on Richard Hamilton’s My Marilyn . The ongoing search for love and affection from a woman who has remained a girl emotionally is just one of the biographies forcing us to realise the importance of good parenting and having both or at least one parent bringing you up.

It appears, Marilyn Monroe looked for parental qualities for herself in all her partners with the possibility of failure of finding this causing her frustration. But nevertheless, no life is dominated by negative events and despite all the psychoanalytic explanations for personal misbehaviour there must have been good moments in her life, too. Ones she would look back on and laugh. Because after all, the majority of people were off much worse while Marilyn was in her late teens.